It’s officially been 8 days since I started my Plexus journey. So far I’ve really seen an increase in my energy level and the need for coffee is almost nonexistent. Unfortunately my UC had begun to flare right before taking Plexus and due to the flare up I will have to begin, what I hope is a short round of steroids to help with the inflammation of my colon. I am hoping that Plexus helps my body heal faster and I will not suffer quit as harshly as I did the last time I was on steroids. I’m about to finish a stretch of three in a row shifts at work, and I am looking forward to a few days off. The Boyfriend and I are taking a much needed vacation to Chicago next week and I still need to clean and pack. Really hoping to get this UC under control before flying out but I may be fooling myself (time will tell).

My next step in this journey will be to start working out for at least 30 minutes a day. I am hoping this will help add to my Plexus (physical) results. Night shift makes this goal more difficult but I know I have the energy (thanks to Plexus) and now I need to set my mind to it (and just do it).


I’ll keep ya posted!

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