A Little About me



Thanks for visiting my first ever blog. I’ll just dive right in and tell you a little about myself. I am a 29 year old, recently graduated pediatric nurse who has spent the last 10 years really finding my self and figuring out what I want out of life. While finishing up nursing school I met a wonderful man who has become not only my best friend, but someone I hope to spend the rest of my life with. Between nursing school, night shift, and battling an inflammatory disease (Ulcerative Colitis), I have become a very overweight, caffeine addicted, anxiety riddled, unhealthy, somewhat depressed individual.

I don’t recognized myself anymore and I miss the old me! Everything in my life is wonderful, but I have become so unhappy with myself, it’s been very difficult to enjoy my life. Due to my schedule and lack of energy, working out has been almost impossible, so loosing weight has been very difficult, and I have gotten very discourage with myself.

Luckily I was recently introduced to a product line called Plexus, & have decided to invest the time and money into, what I call, “My Health Journey”. Not only is Plexus suppose to help me loose weight, but more importantly it is suppose to help cleanse my body of toxins, help control my UC, increase my energy level, and even help me sleep better. I have begun this blog in hopes to share my journey with plexus and to also keep myself accountable.

Happy Reading,


On the left is a photo of me in 2014 (right before nursing school and before I got sick and started steroids to help with my UC) size 2 jeans and small-medium tops. In the next two photos I am 30 lbs heavier, dependent on coffee, and very uncomfortable in my own skin (size 6-8 jeans and medium-larger tops). My goal is to loose at least 30 lbs and feel beautiful in my own skin again. 19484F71-FC37-4064-9389-1113EB5C42B7


Post Chicago

Well, it’s been almost a week since we got back from Chicago & I’m really missing the vacation vibes! All the walking we did on vacation was an eye opener for me as to just how it of shape I really am. Not only did my knees and hip ache but I came home with shin splints! I took Plexus with me & im so glad I did because it really helped me stay energized all day & I slept like a baby every night! 

My UC is still causing me problems but I’m glad I’m on Plexus to help with my blood sugar while I’m taking all these silly steroids. I’m starting to get puffy, moody & im hungry all the time (which is typical when I’m on steroids). Ive been getting up much earlier these days & today was no different. I woke up & started this morning off with my usual Pink Drink followed by a 30 minute Barre workout in the front room. I never would have done anything before a cup of coffee & I especially wouldn’t have been able to do any kind of workout. I am trying to watch what I eat since I feel the neee to eat everything in site, so this morning a ate a Flip yogurt & a banana with a small glass of milk & so far today I am feeling very energized. I think Plexus has really helped with my energy level and I want to keep it up…

My goal is to continue working out, & get back on track with my water intake! 


It’s officially been 8 days since I started my Plexus journey. So far I’ve really seen an increase in my energy level and the need for coffee is almost nonexistent. Unfortunately my UC had begun to flare right before taking Plexus and due to the flare up I will have to begin, what I hope is a short round of steroids to help with the inflammation of my colon. I am hoping that Plexus helps my body heal faster and I will not suffer quit as harshly as I did the last time I was on steroids. I’m about to finish a stretch of three in a row shifts at work, and I am looking forward to a few days off. The Boyfriend and I are taking a much needed vacation to Chicago next week and I still need to clean and pack. Really hoping to get this UC under control before flying out but I may be fooling myself (time will tell).

My next step in this journey will be to start working out for at least 30 minutes a day. I am hoping this will help add to my Plexus (physical) results. Night shift makes this goal more difficult but I know I have the energy (thanks to Plexus) and now I need to set my mind to it (and just do it).


I’ll keep ya posted!

Today’s the Day

Well, day one of Plexus starts today! I’ve been advised to start slow, which means just introducing my body to the “Pink Drink” before breakfast. I posted a photo below of how I will be “Getting Started”. I was a little worried about the taste of the drink but it’s not bad at all, & it’s 20 oz of water, which goes toward my daily water intake (which is suppose to be half my body weight = 75 oz). I’ll keep you posted on how I am feeling and how this week goes!

My Measurements

Every journey begins with a single step, but you’ll never finish if you don’t start…

The best way to start this journey is to post my before photos and measurements. This will truly be one of the most difficult post for me to write because it shows just how unhealthy I have become. It’s important for me to stay honest with myself, and with anyone reading my blog who may be struggling with the same things I am. Please, no negativity if you choose to comment.

Bust– 26.5″

Arms– 21.5″

Hips– 41.25″

Waist– 34.5″

Thigh– 22.5″

Calf– 14.75″

Weight– 150.7 lbs